Garage Door Styles

When picking out a new garage door for your home, there are quite a few different styles to consider.

  • Sectional - The most common type of residential garage door is the sectional, which consists of several rectangular panels that are stacked vertically atop one another. When the garage door opens, the panels slide from a vertical position that blocks the entrance of the garage to a horizontal position along the ceiling of the garage. This design may seem a little strange, but it allows the average homeowner to have a great deal of flexibility in their garage. If the door was a single piece, the rotating it from a vertical to horizontal position and vice versa would take up a lot of space. Ultimately, this area would need to be clear and would greatly reduce the amount of area that is available for storage.
  • Swinging - Swinging garage doors are popular options for houses that have some extra space, such as those in the countryside. Swinging garage doors can swing either outward or inward and pretty much resemble normal doors. They can be powered by a motor, but it is also common for them to be manual. As far as materials go, swinging doors are more likely than others to be made of wood and have a rustic appearance.
  • Rolling - For industrial uses, it is extremely common to have rolling garage doors. Rolling doors will take up the least amount of space, but also tend to be a bit on the noisier side. The general idea behind a rolling garage door is that it is composed of dozens or hundreds of small sectionals which are short enough that they can essentially wrap around each other in a cylinder when in the fully closed position. Rolling garage doors are very commonly made of metal.
  • Sliding - If you want a door that is a little different, you might be interested in a sliding garage door. Sliding garage doors resemble closets that slide on a track. While some sliding doors do move vertically, most move horizontally. The big drawback of sliding doors is that they require a great deal of free space to the sides of the door. While this isn't a problem for some homes that are built specifically around sliding doors, it can be impossible to install them on suburban houses that are very limited in terms of available space.

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