2 Aftermarket Parts To Consider Adding To Your Bug Out Vehicle

A bug out vehicle is an important aspect of most disaster plans, especially since it is meant to get you, your family, and your supplies to a safe location if a disaster occurs. One of the best things that you can do to make your bug out vehicle more capable of getting you and your family to safety is to add a few aftermarket parts, such as a replacement differential and skid plates.

Replacement Differential

One of the biggest concerns for many disaster preppers is whether or not their vehicle will be able to handle going off-road, mostly because many people choose to set up bug out locations in fairly remote areas as they believe that those remote areas will be safer during a disaster. However, if you are going to need to go off-road in order to get to a safe location, the last thing that you need is to end up getting stuck. 

An aftermarket part that can greatly reduce the chances of your bug out vehicle getting stuck is a locking differential. When vehicles with traditional differentials get stuck on slippery surfaces, it can be very difficult for them to get free because a traditional differential tries to send increased power to any wheel or wheels that are spinning more quickly than the rest.

This is a major problem when you are stuck in mud, in snow, or with one of your wheels in the air because the stuck wheels will get all the power and the wheels that actually have traction will not be getting enough power to pull the vehicle free. With a locking differential, this issue is dealt with by ensuring that every wheel gets equal power, which allows any wheels that are not spinning uselessly to drag the rest of the vehicle free.

Skid Plates

Another major consideration when taking a bug out vehicle off-road is protecting the underside of your vehicle. This is very important because going off-road can expose the underside of your vehicle to a number of hazards, such as rocks and other debris.

This debris can potentially puncture your fuel tank, cut fuel lines, sever brake lines, and damage your engine. Skid plates are a simple way to deal with these issues as they are large plates that are installed on the underside of the vehicle in order to protect any vulnerable spots. 

Visit an auto parts store, such as Yearwood Performance Center, or a mechanic in order to discuss which aftermarket parts would most benefit you and your bug out vehicle. A skid plate can help protect your vehicle from debris when you go off-road while a locking differential can help ensure that you do not get stuck if you need to go off-road to reach your bug out location.