3 Brake Problems That Will Need To Be Fixed Right Away

Do you feel like something isn't right with your vehicle's brakes? With your brakes being a crucial aspect of your car that provides safety, you want to ensure that you are not driving with a key part that is damaged. Problems can occur with the pads, rotor, brake fluid, and other important components. If you are experiencing these problems when driving, take your vehicle to an auto shop and have a professional brake inspection done immediately.

Loud Noises When Driving

Most people assume that noises associated with the brakes only happen when you press down on your brake pedal. There can be squealing or grinding from simply accelerating. This can happen when the rotor is grinding against the vehicle's brake pads. Listen for loud noises when you turn around a corner, decelerate, or accelerate. If the noise happens with consistency, it can be due to a rotor issue. Your mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem for you to ensure that it is the rotor causing the problem.

Vehicle Drifting When Driving

Brakes that are out of alignment will cause your vehicle's tires to wear down unevenly. When the tires aren't even, you will have problems with steering your vehicle. You can tell because the car may drift to one side in particular when your hands are off the steering wheel on a flat road. This can cause problems when driving on wet surfaces where you need to brake quickly because water will not flow through the treads and can cause hydroplaning.

You can also tell if you have brakes out of alignment by feeling the tires themselves. Run your hand over the surface and see if it is flat or has a bit of a wave to it. If you have a tread depth gauge, that is a sure way to tell if you have even tread across the entire tire.

Keep in mind that drifting is not always caused by faulty brakes. It could be from issues like misaligned calipers as well.

Shaking When Driving

Have you noticed your car shaking a lot when slowing down or coming to a complete stop? This is a symptom of the brakes on your car going bad. It can eventually lead to an alignment problem where the car suddenly jots towards another lane, potentially causing an accident. Shaking can also cause problems with the transmission or ball joints, so do not ignore this problem for very long.

The best way to ensure that the brakes are repaired correctly is by taking it to a local auto shop like Dugan Oil and Tire. A mechanic can check out your car and let you know what component of the brake system needs repair or replacement.