Three Great Sources Of Used Auto Parts

New car parts can be pricey, and for the do-it-yourself mechanic, they can be too expensive to make working at home practical. In many cases, used parts will work perfectly fine, and they can cost a lot less than buying new. Unfortunately, it can be tough to find used car parts unless you know where to look. Below are three excellent sources you should consider when searching for used car parts:

Junk yards and pull your own parts yards

The old-fashioned junk yard still is a place where used auto parts can be found for a good price. While often not pretty, junk yards will frequently have what you need as long as you are patient enough to search for them. However, many of today's junk yards are much more advanced than those from the past; "pick it and pull it" yards, such as U Pull & Pay, specifically cater to car enthusiasts who want to do their own work and will price parts accordingly. When searching in a junk yard, be sure that you know what you need ahead of time and do your homework on parts compatibility. Bring a wireless device that provides part numbers and diagrams, and if you have a friend who is also savvy with cars, they can be a huge help, too. Information is your friend when you are in a junk yard, so have as much available as you can from as many resources as possible.

Local online auctions and sales websites

Another big source for auto parts is local online auctions and sales websites. Other car enthusiasts list their surplus parts for sale or trade on these sites, and you can find some great deals by looking in these venues. When searching online, don't hesitate to ask a seller for more information about a part or to provide you with additional photos. It is important to realize that some parts may look identical and just because a seller represents one part as something doesn't mean it is necessarily the case. When buying from these local sites, also be aware of possible scams and unscrupulous sellers looking to take advantage of you.

International and national sales websites

Beyond the sites that provide you with local sellers, there are numerous websites where purchase used car parts online from a company or other vendor. These websites often provide buyers with guarantees as protection, so this can help you breathe a little easier should a used part fail to operate as intended. If you decide to buy car parts from these types of websites, you will need to read the fine print concerning sales and to know if you have an opportunity to obtain a refund. In addition, always consider the added costs that shipping might bring you, and don't let that expense be a shock should you find a good deal.