Sell Your Old Car For Junk And Have It Hauled Away Free

If you have an old car sitting on your property that is wrecked or doesn't run, you may be at a loss about what to do with it. Not many people want to buy a car that's in bad shape and it could cost you a lot of money to pay someone to tow it away. One solution is to junk the car. That solves the problem of where to get rid of it and how to haul it away. Here's how it works.

Sell The Car For Parts And Metal

The best option when you want to junk your car is to sell it to a company that pays cash on the spot even if the car doesn't run. Some people buy junk cars so they can strip it down, sell any usable parts, and then sell the metal to a recycler. You won't get a lot of money when you sell your car like this, but you'll get rid of the car and you won't have to pay for it to be hauled away. This is an excellent option when you want the car off your property fast. It could violate local codes for you to have an inoperable vehicle on your lot, especially if the plates have expired. If you're faced with fees for violating local codes, it's more important to get rid of the car fast than it is to make a nice profit.

If you prefer to get as much money as you can, then you should take your time and advertise the car as a fixer-upper first. Don't hide the condition of the car. Let potential buyers know it doesn't run because you want someone to buy it who enjoys restoring cars. You might get more money if you can find a buyer this way, but it may take a long time. You may never find a buyer for the car, and it may not be worth the trouble since you know you can sell it for quick cash to a junk buyer.

Understand DMV Regulations

Before you sell your car for cash give your DMV a call or look up the regulations on your state's website. If you sell your car for cash, you'll need to transfer the title just as you do when you sell any used car. Therefore, you'll need to have the title handy. Car buyers may not complete the process of filing the title with the license branch, so you may need to turn in the plates and file a form with the DMV that gets your name off the title. If you take the car to a junkyard or try to sell off the parts yourself, you may need to get a salvage title for the car. Regulations vary by state, so be sure to check first so the car doesn't stay in your name after you've gotten rid of it.

By far, the easiest and quickest way to get rid of an old broken down car is to call someone who advertises they pay cash for junk cars. You'll not only get some cash out of the deal, but the buyer will haul the car off your lot for free. Hauling away the car, if you have somewhere to haul it to, would usually cost quite a bit of money. When you factor in free hauling with a cash payout, it makes for the ideal way to finally get rid of the eyesore in your driveway.

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