What To Do Before Selling Your Junk Car For Money

If you have an old, non-usable car sitting around taking up space in your garage or driveway or parked on the street, you can get rid of the mess and get money for your junk car. Selling your junk car to a reputable buyer is a great way to make the most of a vehicle that is no longer serving a purpose in your life. Regardless of the type of vehicle you have, you can get money for junk cars, old work vans, and trucks. Some buyers are even interested in other motorized vehicles, such as tractors or motorcycles. Before contacting a buyer for junk cars, here are a few things you should take care of beforehand.

Remove Your Personal Possessions

When you make the decision that it's time to sell your junk car, you need to make sure that you don't have any personal belongings inside of the vehicle before sending it off with a buyer. Personal belongings may include tools, clothing, chargers, CDs, or anything else that did not come with the vehicle when you purchased it. You don't need to wash the vehicle or wipe down the interior; however, before you contact the buyer about money for junk cars, it is recommended that you clean out all of the trash and debris.

Empty the Gas Tank

It's common for some sellers to top off the fuel in a vehicle they are selling, but when you are selling your junk car, you want to do the opposite. Emptying the gas tank will actually be helpful for the buyer since they typically have to drain the fluids before scrapping the metal. If the vehicle is operable, take a drive and use up all of the gasoline in the tank. If you can't drive the vehicle, siphon the gas out and store it in approved fuel containers for future use. When siphoning gas, it is important to use the appropriate equipment and techniques — never siphon gasoline with your mouth.

Sign the Title and Remove the License Plate

Before the buyer can give you money for your junk car, you will have to provide a clear title and you will need to sign the title over to the buyer. If the vehicle has been registered, you will need to remove the license plates before sending the vehicle with the buyer. This is often an overlooked step, especially when you make the decision quickly to sell your junk car for money, but it is important to remove the plates. Also, make sure you don't have any personal documents in the glove box, but you can leave the owner's manual and anything else that relates to the vehicle, such as maintenance receipts.

Most of the companies that buy junk cars for money offer a reasonable amount in exchange for old vehicles, even those that don't run. The buyer will typically come to your residence and pick the vehicle up, so all you need to do is hand over the keys and the title and they will tow the vehicle away.