What You Need To Know About Installing An AC In Your Classic Car

For many classic car owners, one of the biggest drawbacks of a classic car is that these vehicles do not come equipped with air conditioning. This lack of a cabin cooling system can be especially problematic for individuals who enjoy taking their vehicle out on the road rather than simply displaying it at local car shows or as part of a private collection. The good news is, that while these vehicles may not originally come equipped with an air conditioning system, it is often possible to install an AC in a classic car. Continue reading to learn more about installing an AC in your classic car.

Installing A Factory AC Unit

While your classic car may not be equipped with an AC unit, it may still be possible to install a factory unit in your vehicle. This is because many classic cars did have the option of having an AC unit installed. The problem is, at the time these vehicles were manufactured, taking advantage of the option to install an AC was typically quite expensive. Consequently, only the wealthiest car owners were often able to take advantage of this option. The good news is, that even if your vehicle was originally manufactured without an AC system, you can still choose to install this system without altering the original design of the vehicle. Unfortunately, these factory systems will only be available for classic cars that were originally offered with this option. If your vehicle does not have the option of a factory AC system or if your classic car predates the invention of automotive AC systems, you will need to utilize an alternative option for cooling your vehicle's cabin.

All Hope Is Not Lost

Even if your vehicle did not originally come with the option of having an AC unit installed, all hope is not lost for realizing your dream of installing an AC unit in your classic car. This is because many standalone AC units can be used to cool these classic vehicles. The downside of choosing to install this type of AC unit is that it will alter the original design of the vehicle. With that being said, many of these units offer a slender design and discretely hang alongside the engine to minimize the impact they have on how your vehicle looks. However, it is important to note that even the most discrete units can have an effect on the resale value of your vehicle. This is a factor that you will need to consider before moving forward with your classic car AC installation.  

For more info about classic car AC installation, contact a local company.