Garage Door Styles

When picking out a new garage door for your home, there are quite a few different styles to consider. Sectional - The most common type of residential garage door is the sectional, which consists of several rectangular panels that are stacked vertically atop one another. When the garage door opens, the panels slide from a vertical position that blocks the entrance of the garage to a horizontal position along the ceiling of the garage.

Black Smoke Coming From Your Tailpipe? One Reason Why & How To Fix It

Driving should be a carefree endeavor, but it can be alarming when you see unexplained signs of trouble, like black smoke coming out of your tailpipe. Black smoke is usually related to excess gasoline in your engine that was not burned correctly, which might be caused by a bad fuel pressure regulator. The following guide will help you diagnose your issue and help you fix it, as long as you have the right piece of equipment and tools.